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Helping New Americans Succeed

We deliver digital learning tools to empower immigrant and refugee job seekers, and the organizations that serve them. Our products and services expand knowledge to build towards a diverse and inclusive workforce.

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For New Americans

Ready to build your career?

Jobversity offers a variety of free and low cost products & services to help you to achieve your American Dream. Find out what you qualify for today.

I'm a student from a refugee, asylee, or SIV household completing a 4-year degree or 2-year certification program in the U.S. and I live in the Chicago metro area 1
I'm an immigrant, refugee, SIV or asylee who completed a professional education outside of the U.S. 2
Review this list of visa types to see if you are eligible for our full program or limited services. 3
I currently live in: CA, WA, TX, IL, MN, IN, OH, TN, GA, NY, NJ, VA, MD or DC 4
I have some professional work experience outside the U.S. 5
I have no professional work experience in the U.S. 6
I have been living in the U.S. for 5 years or less 7
I can speak, read, and write in English 8
I have strong computer skills and access to a computer 9
I am highly motivated, positive, and ready to return to work 10

For Service Providers

Looking for resources to support your immigrant and refugee clients?

Jobversity offers free and cost-based virtual training and tools that build capacity and supplement existing programs. Access best in class resources for providers and your clients.


Jobversity is made possible through the generous support of our partners.