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    Journey to a Job

    As a newcomer it can feel difficult to navigate the job search. We've helped thousands of immigrants, just like you, to build careers in the US. Here are some critical steps you can take along the way to ensure your success.

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    Establish Financial Stability

    A professional job search takes time. It is important to have your basic needs covered during your search, which might mean taking a survival job. Financial stability will give you the freedom to invest the time and energy required to be successful.

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    Build English Proficiency

    Research shows that English skills matter. You don’t have to be a native English speaker to work in the U.S., but small improvements can make a big difference in employment outcomes. Prioritizing English is always a good use of time.

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    Assess Skills

    You don’t have to have a U.S. Degree to work as a professional in the United States. However, you should understand how your credentials and training match employer needs. You may need to pursue a professional license, additional training, or a certification, depending upon your field.

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    Search For A Job

    Searching for a job can feel like a job! It is important to understand U.S. job search customs, prepare materials like your resume and cover letter, and practice job search skills like interviewing.

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    Grow Your Career

    Your first job in the U.S. is the first step towards building a successful career. After you land a job, you should continue to develop new skills and contacts, including professional mentors who can help you to learn and grow.

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I'm a student from a refugee, asylee, or SIV household completing a 4-year degree or 2-year certification program in the U.S. and I live in the Chicago metro area 1
I'm an immigrant, refugee, SIV or asylee who completed a professional education outside of the U.S. 2
Review this list of visa types to see if you are eligible for our full program or limited services. 3
I currently live in: CA, WA, TX, IL, MN, IN, OH, TN, GA, NY, NJ, VA, MD or DC 4
I have some professional work experience outside the U.S. 5
I have no professional work experience in the U.S. 6
I have been living in the U.S. for 5 years or less 7
I can speak, read, and write in English 8
I have strong computer skills and access to a computer 9
I am highly motivated, positive, and ready to return to work 10

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